Milter Products List : Opensource vs commercial 1/5

Opensource vs solutions Milter products listed in this document are classified as commercial or open-source solutions. For each solution the URL and the following information is specified :
  • description:
  • status : maintained if software still being developed (latest version)
  • mailing list URL
  • comments
Few Milter solutions are multi-purpose ones : most of them try to address one given need (virus-scanning, antispam, ...). Remember you can use several Milters (several INPUT_MAIL_FILTER definitions in the .mc file) if a single one does not offer all the features you need
Most commercial Milter solutions are antivirus filters : virus vendors have adopted Milter quickly. Which solution is to be used ? It all depends on your needs, knowledge, time and money. Contact the author/company or use the proper mailing-list/newsgroup to check that the Milter solution you noticed will be appropriate.